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The 10 best fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles

In a short time, the city of Los Angeles has been on the world map. It has made quite an impression. There’s rarely a travel bucket list without it in one of the top 5 positions. The popularity of this enchanting city is not surprising given what it has to offer, and that is high-quality you-name-it. Because LA is one of the favorite gathering spots of the rich and famous that tend to be very demanding, it has developed a tendency to provide only the best of everything. That couldn’t be more true when it comes to the food scene. If you are visiting or moving there, here are the 10 best fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles you should explore.

n/naka, the Japanese restaurant with two Michelin stars

There’s nothing a restaurant owner wants more than to get a high rating from the Michelin critics. n/naka has two of the potential three Michelin stars, which makes it one of the best restaurants in the world. Offering predominantly Japanese food, this restaurant will take your taste buds on a memorable tour. You will find both traditional meals and more modern delights in this LA place. Also, vegetarians and those who do not eat gluten will be happy to learn that n/naka has what they need. And as for the decor, let’s just say it is fit for royalty!


Gracias Madre celebrates nature and traditional Mexican food

Speaking of vegetarians and vegans, here’s a must-visit vegan spot in LA. The food in this restaurant is plant-based and excellent. Their philosophy revolves around using organic ingredients and products from small, independent producers. The “Madre” in the name of this restaurant is Spanish for “mother” and refers to the actual mothers as well as mother earth and mother nature. All in all, an exciting Mexican restaurant you will not regret visiting.

They say in Providence, there’s world-class everything

Those that prefer to visit restaurants with top reviews from their clients will want to see this one. Almost every single person that dined in this famous place claims that the food was top-notch. But what sets this restaurant apart from all the rest is its skilled employees, that know a lot about the food and offer unparalleled service. For all that and more, almost 17 years after its first opening, Providence continues to be one of the 10 best fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles.

Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio – the taste of the Mediterranean

Have you tried Greek food? In Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio, you can try delicious Mediterranean cuisine that will make you feel as if you were on a beach somewhere in Santorini. This stylish restaurant is in Beverly Hills, which most say is one of the best places to live. So if you are reading this to discover some fantastic places to eat when you move there, here’s what you can do to make it the most pleasant experience.

Firstly, hire local movers in Beverly Hills who can provide you with expert help in the area. Then, check into one of the fabulous hotels in the neighborhood and have a proper vacation until your belongings arrive at your new home. Once the move-in is over, celebrate the beginning of a new life by taking your friends and family to Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio. Their specialty is whole grilled fish, and you will not regret starting your Beverly Hills chapter that way.

Go to Nobu and see why the celebrities love it

It doesn’t get more genuinely Japanese than Nobu, the restaurant. The reason for that is Nobu, the owner who was born and raised in Japan and has become a famous chef in Tokyo, boasting his signature dishes such as Toro Tartar with Caviar. Celebrities, as high admirers of all things quality, fell in love with this chef’s work, and it’s the love that still lasts. Go and check out why.

Mélisse offers privacy and superb taste

Mélisse can only seat 14 people, which is excellent news for all introverts who like to eat out. There’s an option for ordering from this restaurant, which is the case with most of them. You should choose this place to beat the LA heat instead of some other because of its exquisite attention to detail regarding food.

Angler Los Angeles nurtures superiority in all aspects

Each detail in Angler is close to perfection if something like that exists. The chef and the team offer impeccable service, dishes, and a high-end atmosphere. Just like the experts on moving from Rockstar Pro Movers say, if you intend to relocate and live in a particular city, try out the food that is characteristic of it. With that goal, go to Angler and try the LA version of banana pancakes. They are the best in this restaurant.

If you want a classic Angeleno-style place, visit Phenakite

In the heart of Hollywood, there’s a place they call Phenakite, whose owner and the chef is a Vietnamese.  This restaurant was named the best one in 2019. Also, it received a Michelin star. That should be enough to make any avid restaurant enthusiast want to check it out.

For the taste of exquisite Italian food, go to Pasta Bar

Discussions related to taste are usually futile, but mostly everyone agrees that Italian food is phenomenal. In LA, a Pasta Bar offers a touch of Italy with everything homemade and irresistible. The way they arrange food is pure art, worthy of a visit.

Spago of Beverly Hills – an iconic place in LA

There are several reasons why you should go to Spago. First, it’s been going strong for 40 years. Anything that persists that long is bound to have quality. Second, the food is beyond perfect. It’s hard to find a person that claims otherwise. Finally, its modern décor with an exhibition kitchen and an unusual combination of a massive fireplace and olive trees is refreshing.

Final thoughts

Los Angeles is not so famous by accident, and once you visit it, this fact becomes clear almost immediately. So, just like all else, the LA food scene is so vibrant and undeniably good. It must be on top of your list to explore someday. When you decide to do it, visit at least some of these 10 best fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles and let them wow you more than you thought possible.

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