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Valerie Fitzgerald is a single mother who built a multimillion-dollar real estate business and established her own charity foundation. She takes viewers on an insightful journey through the emotional and tangible challenges of regaining one’s personal power while building and maintaining a successful business regardless of the country’s economic situation. She believes that resiliency is learned through personal journeys. Hers being a journey from unemployed, single parent to entrepreneur, philanthropist and renowned corporate executive.

HGTV Selling L.A. Features The Valerie Fitzgerald Group

A Beverly Hills residential real estate company specializing in luxury properties, Valerie Fitzgerald and her team starred in the HGTV real estate show, Selling L.A., which premiered October 13, 2011. From Beverly Hills to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles is a city where the rich and famous live large, and everyone who lives or moves to the area has a dream. For real estate brokers in Los Angeles landing a client and closing a deal can be as competitive as any casting call.

Heart & Sold

Heart & Sold is Valerie Fitzgerald’s insightful journey through the emotional and tangible challenges of regaining her personal power while building and maintaining a successful business.

Valerie, one of the country’s leading real estate agents, candidly recounts her personal journey from unemployed single parent to an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and renowned corporate executive.

For beginners just getting started in residential real estate to seasoned agents — or anyone in business looking to take their game to the next level — this step-by-step guide teaches readers the art of selling.

Fitzgerald shows readers how to manage clients with style, choose the right company and the best mentor, establish a stellar reputation in their field, develop a daily schedule for running a home office, and maintain a successful attitude every day.

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Heart & Sold
Heart & Sold Testimonials

"Become a Better Realtor and a Better Human."

"Heart and Sold will help you become a better realtor, a better entrepreneur, a better human. A must read! It will teach you how to communicate with clients, get organized and stay on time – all signature attributes you need to build a successful career in any business.

I couldn’t put down the first 35 pages of the book as I witnessed Valerie’s bio and back story unfold from 25 years ago to today as she continues to rock the Los Angeles real estate world.

This book has also helped me become a better listener to my clients and become someone they can deeply trust. I’ve witnessed a profound change in my attitude and I think I’ve become more positive…not only at work, but with my family and friends.

Thanks Valerie. I can’t wait to read your next book!"

- Lisa Loeffler

"Through her absorbing stories and life experiences Valerie gives voice to anyone looking for a new beginning in their life or business. A great read."

- Larry King, Television and Radio Host

"A Fantastic Book!!!"

"I am a Real Estate Broker and since completing this book, I have asked my Director of Education for my office to read this book as well. I am thinking of making it required reading for any new agent coming to our Company. I enjoyed the book for several reasons. The first, it is inspirational, and agents need inspiration more now than ever these days. The transparency of Valerie’s early life is highly admirable and endears a reader to her personally.

Secondly, the book is pragmatic in teaching agents the basics and human side of the real estate business, in addition to pointing out the need for business systems. I often disagree with the “Selling Philosophy” of some real estate trainers, but with this book, Valerie is right on. Valerie’s philosophy and mine are similar in that we both consider real estate sales more about building relationships and helping people achieve their dreams. The agent’s role is very crucial because they act as both the “Coach” and the “Quarterback” of the transaction.

Thirdly, this book is expansive because it is good for new agents entering the business, for agents that want to improve their business, and for seasoned agents that want to build a team. Great Book."

- K. May

Heart and Sold

"Once started, I could not stop until I had finished reading, “Heart and Sold”. All the while I was reading I would be thinking, can she make it? And make it she did! It is a personal story of Valerie Fitzgerald, a single mother,and her journey in the real estate business. She says, “women can change the world” and she proves that……starting out in NY with only $40.00 in her pocket she made a go of it, despite all the challenges she withstood.

This book is well worth the time to read it and above all else, you learn from it."

- Marlene Wells

"What an inspiration!!"

"The beautiful Valerie Fitzgerald has written a “bible” for those wanting to pull themselves up and get going in life.

Her book might help us become materially wealthy, and it is sure to make our personal strengths richer. I recommend this very well written book to anyone who has hope and a pulse."

- Deborah Dozier Potter

"Heart and Sold is inspirational for any woman — or anyone — struggling to build a business of her own. Valerie’s personal triumphs will make you feel like you can do anything"

- Leeza Gibbons, Talk Show Host and Philanthropist

"This is a must read for anyone interested in accomplishing great things in motherhood and business. Valerie Fitzgerald is the ultimate female Rocky!"

- Byron Allen, Television Host, Producer, and Owner of Ent. Studios

"What a wonderful story, of courage, of inspiration, of love! Read it, it’s the best!"

- Michael E. Gerber, NY Times Best Selling Author of The E-Myth

"A top pick for any who want reliability from their business.

Recessions don’t have to devastate one’s business; they can be an opportunity to survive or even thrive. “Heart and Sold: How to Survive and Build a Recession-Proof Business” tells the story of a woman who crafted her business to do just that. A real-estate agent and a good one at that, author Valerie Fitzgerald has made her millions through wise business practice and following her heart as a mother. “Heart and Sold” is a top pick for any who want reliability from their business."

- Midwest Book Review

"Reading this book gave me such inspiration! Valerie never gave up! She achieved it all with hope, love, and determination. After reading this book, you will feel that you too can accomplish anything your heart desires.

I’ve known Valerie for many many years and she has always been hard-working, loyal, funny, and a wonderful friend to have. Knowing her life story makes me love her even more. Oh, she’s a great mom too!"

- Vanna White, Television Personality

"Interesting and helpful for real estate."

"Heart and Sold is an quick, interesting and useful read. If you need to improve your business or want to learn more about the industry, Valerie does a great job of giving you an overview.

She imparts her success and experience through tips, anecdotes, interviews and resources. I enjoyed reading the more personal parts aspects of her story because not only is it motivational, but it also helps bring the advice to life.

I think those in real estate that are concerned about growing their business and managing their life will find this book extremely valuable."

- H. Han

"This book was the inspiration I needed to stop thinking about it and start doing it. I’ve been thinking about getting into real estate for years now and keep letting myself get side-tracked. I have been working on studying for the State Licensing exam, but was having a few doubts about my capability to make the jump and change my career. After reading this book, I am now very excited. This book is both inspirational and informative. It’s full of helpful advice and references that can be used. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down and I plan to go through it again and highlight useful information. This will be a great desk reference as I move forward.”

- Tania M. Brown

"I’m sold to “Heart & Sold”, What a find!"

"This book will make you cry, laugh and inspire from page one. Once you start reading it, you cannot help but to finish the entire book.

Valerie’s candid sharing of her own life, filled with challenges and how to overcome them will encourage and inspire all ages.

Whether you are in real estate or any other profession, "Heart & Sold" will motivate you to strive for the best and to believe in your dreams. A must read for any profession! Highly recommended."

-HGK "LA Boss"

"I am Sold!"

"This book is truly inspiring and gives the tips needed for women to achieve success no matter what field you are in. It does focus on the field of real estate, however that is where the author made money and achieved success, so that is expected.

She shows what can happen when you never give up despite having all the odds against you and still rise to the top. I applaud Valerie for sharing her story with others and showing the way to achieve success and if you happen to want to get into real estate, she tells you exactly how to do it. This is a must read!"

- Kisha Mays

"Wonderful and Inspiring!"

"Heart and Sold is a truly inspiring read. I would recommend this for anyone, whether you have been in the real estate business for years or just thinking about entering it.

Valerie’s honest and candid rendition of her life and business experiences will not only bring a smile to your face but encourage you immensely."

- Carole Downing

"Inspiring Read!"

"Valerie Fitzgerald’s Heart and Sold: How to Survive and Build a Recession-Proof Business reminds us tthat truly anything is possible.

From Manhattan model to single Mother and now real estate agent to the celebrities, Valerie’s new book inspires and guides us step-by-step on how to realize our own success in business and in life."

- Jeanna Zelin
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