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How to Beat Los Angeles Heat This Summer

Many Angelenos would agree- there's no such thing as "too much sun;" sizzling heat, high temperatures, and forever sunshine are exactly why we're here. The city of Los Angeles is an individual's direct gateway to our solar system's superstar. L.A. is host to not one but two kinds of the red carpet. There's a tangible kind (that we all know about), but then there's the absolute superstar stealing the show. This intangible red carpet spreads from Santa Monica pier to a boiling hot plasma fireball that births all life - commonly known as "The Sun." With climate change becoming an OCD auto-pilot door knocker, the beautiful people of Los Angeles (and its kind visitors) are struggling to cope with rising temperatures and scorching summer sun. If you're wondering how to beat Los Angeles heat this summer, you've come to the right place. Sunblocks everyone, and - rolling.

If you can't beat Los Angeles heat, join it

Unless there is some super-secret government experiment being conducted, as we speak, with a brilliant plan to build a Sun sprinkler the size of Taj Mahal x 100,000, we should probably embrace the exquisitely present (and not at all shy) truth: the heat is here to stay. So, if we can't beat it, we assimilate and adjust. We find clever ways to adapt to reality and make the most out of it. And, let's be honest; Angelenos know how to handle their heat. Bring it on, Sun, bring it on.

Infinity (of) pools

If you're a millennial, you probably remember Tom Jones feat. The Cardigans with their Talking Heads cover, "Burning down the house." "Fightin' fire with fire" that's how the song starts. And that's exactly what we won't be doing during the L.A. summer months. Water puts out the fire; it's just simple logic. So, unless you're about to get an infinity pool installed at your L.A. property, put your sunblock on (nice, rich coating) and hit one of the famous public pools this summer. For a supreme water-fun experience, we recommend:

  • LA84 Foundation/John C. Argue Swim Stadium - built for the 1932 Summer Olympics, an iconic spot to take a swim
  • Hansen Dam Aquatic Center - ideal for picnics and people-watching with private swim club vibes
  • Annenberg Community Beach House - historic 1920s Marion Davis estate open to the public since 2009
  • Switzer falls - the element of surprise evoking SoCal vibes, just off the Gabrielino trails; if you're up for a hike in the San Gabriel mountains, this organic cascade pool will keep you safe from L.A. heat

I scream

It's not a "where;" it's a "what." We've all known ice cream to be the ultimate cooling down tool. A tool? Correction. A paradise delight. The sidewalks may melt and stretch like bubble gum - as long as we have a cone in our hand, there isn't a single thing that could change the state of an almost oblivious gladness we're experiencing. Palm trees burned to a crisp can fall before us, and we'd weep for their deaths with an involuntary smile. - "You fought the good fight," we'd say. That's what ice cream does to a decent human being. If you want to beat Los Angeles heat this summer while checking out vintage stores in Beverly Hills, secure a cone for your dominant hand.

Places we like:

  • Saffron & Rose Ice Cream - family-run shop in Westwood where the milk thickness meets Persian flavors and instantly steals your heart: orange blossom, white rose, saffron pistachio
  • Salt & Straw - Portland's "farm-to-cone" artisan shops are the best sunblocks you'll ever need. Unimaginable seasonal flavors + the classics. 8 locations!
  • Mashti Malone's - another Persian delight - Alfonso mango, Persian cucumber, date - be still, my heart. Order Mashti's classic: wafer cookie sandwich

Do a Lebowski

If you're looking for exciting things to do and fun ways to stay cool in L.A. during merciless heat waves, you know where the fun is at; bowling alley, baby. Hollywood Star Lanes may have closed its door back in 2002, but The Day of The Dude lives on, no matter the date. (it's March 6th, by the way) So, air-conditioning, fancy shoes, a nice drink, and sports. Oh, and guess who hasn't received an invitation? Stop before I shed a tear, Sun.

  • Highland Park Bowl - dating all the way back to 1927, this is L.A.'s oldest lane. Neapolitan pizza, live performances, killer drinks
  • The Spare Room - a vintage, intimate take on bowling. Stop by the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and prepare to have an unforgettable afternoon
  • Pinz Bowling Center - adjacent to Jerry's famous deli, this down-to-earth alley will keep you on your toes due to its proximity to film studios. Celebrities = natural phenomena

A/C education

Unless you're already planning your sweet weekend getaway from Los Angeles, it's museum hour! We can't just bowl and eat ice cream; our brains need new stimuli, and, luckily for us, museums are here to provide intellectual entertainment. For all cinema aficionados out there, Academy Museum is now officially open! (well, it's been almost a year) If movies aren't your jam, you are free to explore more than 100 museums and over 200 theaters for your favorite shade of cool.


Don't worry; we're not being informal. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and according to our moving experts from, paddle boards are becoming one of the hottest items on any transplant's moving list. So, why do we love SUP so much? It's one of the ultimate ways to get lean in L.A. while simultaneously being able to cool down your vitals during hot summer days. If you have no experience, flat water locations are your go-to spots. We recommend Marina del Rey, as standing up in the ocean takes a bit of practice. Start with a flat water surface, and you'll gradually take the board where it rightfully belongs. We guarantee - you'll love every second of it.

OR -

If you want to beat Los Angeles heat like a real Angeleno this summer, head out to the nearest beach with your favorite playlist (and a beach cooler) and welcome the summer like a proper host. Just don't forget your SPF.

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