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How Will You Build Your Business in the Next Year?

In the current housing market, you have to think about how to refresh your business strategy, as staying in the same old comfortable mindset is no longer an option. This is the time - the time in a shifting market - to not work in your business...

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4 Savvy Tips For Buying Your First Luxury Home

It’s easy to spot a beautiful home while house hunting, but what truly defines a luxury property? If you’re hoping to buy your first luxury home but aren’t sure how to navigate this process, look no further. We’ll guide you through our ...

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An Expert Guide to Buying Property in Santa Monica

Going through a home-buying experience can be a truly stressful process, especially if you are a first-time buyer. After all, given the size of the investment you're about to make and other factors at stake, it's only natural that you want to b...

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Best Spots to Find Fall Foliage near Los Angeles

After a long summer, it's finally time for pumpkin patches, beautiful landscapes, apple orchards, and warm drinks. There are so many experiences that are unique to the fall that all of us enjoy. While Los Angeles is famous for its warm weather ...

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The To-Do List: November Happenings in L.A.

We’re back with this month's To-Dos! It’s not just a party or new restaurant. If you wait for a chance to broaden your mind with knowledge, you shouldn't miss these events: Enjoy this Fall, the Season of Reading, with New Books by a famo...

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What To Do in L.A. This Weekend

Have you decided where to go or what to do on Halloween yet? There will be tons of events to enjoy this weekend! If you want to make it great, these 5 things will be the best ideas for you. Now it’s time to buy Halloween costumes and book eve...

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