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What Are TikTok Mansions in LA?

With many TikTok influencers flocking to Los Angeles to boost their careers, some have strategically decided to live together in mansions located in the city. One of the best and most popular examples of this can be found with the Hype House. ...

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The 10 best fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles

In a short time, the city of Los Angeles has been on the world map. It has made quite an impression. There’s rarely a travel bucket list without it in one of the top 5 positions. The popularity of this enchanting city is not surprising given ...

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10 Top-Rated Things to Do in Beverly Hills

Are you planning a visit to one of California's most iconic and glamorous cities, Beverly Hills, but you don't know what to visit first? Or maybe you are considering moving into one of its luxurious neighborhoods and would like to see what the ...

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Bel Air vs Beverly Hills – Where to Live

Beverly Hills and Bel Air are two of Los Angeles' most exclusive neighborhoods located right next to each other. Tourists come to witness how the affluent and famous live, with their massive mansions, posh shops, and flashy automobiles. In real...

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An In-Depth Look at Beverly Hills’ Neighborhoods

Beverly Hills neighborhoods are some of the most exclusive and sought after residential enclaves in the Los Angeles area. Here’s a guide to the neighborhoods and property types in the area. The Flats The Flats is a primarily residential are...

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Best Workout Classes in Beverly Hills

Excellent restaurants, fabulous hotels, the tastiest desserts, and hundreds of boutiques from the best fashion brands are just a few of the things that make Beverly Hills a great destination. However, many active people love Beverly Hills for a...

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Valerie Fitzgerald: My Story

What do a 40,000-chicken farm, Michael Jackson, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Rihanna and many other celebrity rock n rollers have in common? Valerie Fitzgerald! I was born in South Dakota and raised in Upstate New York on a Tuttles Egg ...

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How to Beat Los Angeles Heat This Summer

Many Angelenos would agree- there's no such thing as "too much sun;" sizzling heat, high temperatures, and forever sunshine are exactly why we're here. The city of Los Angeles is an individual's direct gateway to our solar system's superstar. L...

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Pacific Palisades

The essential Pacific Palisades homebuying guide

Nestled along a three-mile coast between Santa Monica and Malibu, Pacific Palisades occupies a special place in every luxury homebuyer's list of real estate markets to explore in Southern California. It's not quite far from the madding s...

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7 Most Instagrammable Places in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a relatively small city, just under six square miles. Apart from being one of the most glamorous places to live on the planet, it is also perfectly designed for visitors. Streets lined with palm trees and lavish mansions are th...

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