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What Are TikTok Mansions in LA?

With many TikTok influencers flocking to Los Angeles to boost their careers, some have strategically decided to live together in mansions located in the city. One of the best and most popular examples of this can be found with the Hype House. This group of creators proudly boasted members such as Charlie D’Amelio (known as the most followed person on TikTok), Chase Hudson (content creator turned musician), and Jack Wright (who garnered eight million followers with his dancing videos). For many, the Hype House put the concept of TikTok mansions into the spotlight.

In fact, the success of the Hype House has spawned many other examples. These include the previous House That Nobody Asked For, Clubhouse Beverly Hills, and the WayBack House. But none are as well known as the Hype House, which even has its own Netflix series.

These houses were created to not only give these creators a space to live in, but also to make it easier to collaborate and market with each other. According to Maryville University’s insights on influencer trends, today’s influencers are expected to represent a $13.8 billion market in 2021, as they are integrated into broader marketing campaigns by business-to-consumer companies. By working with such notable figures, brands are able to generate eight times more engagement across social media platforms. Thus, by living together in TikTok mansions, creators are able to satisfy this demand and take advantage of their growing online influence.

But why are these groups flocking to L.A. specifically? And how are they affecting the market?

The locale
It’s no secret that the city is sprinkled with beautiful scenery. Having streets lined with palm trees and nearby beaches, there is nothing TikTok creators can’t love about L.A. Many of them live in great areas such as the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills. This enclave has a space for every type of person. The Flats are perfect for laid-back individuals that appreciate the classic look of Los Angeles, while Trousdale Estates is for those that appreciate the finer things in life.

Hollywood, Venice, and Bel-Air are other iconic areas in the city perfect for influencers looking to expand their reach. By hosting TikTok mansions in these areas, creators can form connections with people in high places and further their careers within the world of media.

The luxury mansions

Sure, there are mansions everywhere. But the mansions in L.A. have a specific spirit that has TikTokers are flocking to. Designed with pleasure and prestige in mind, L.A.’s mansions make for the perfect backdrop and abode.

Case in point, another popular group right now is the Sway House. When giving a tour of their mansion in Bel Air, they proudly show off the property's features, which include a guest house and pool house outside of the main building. It also has a spacious living room, marble-top kitchen, and multiple beds and baths. There’s no denying that these properties are not only functional but also beautiful, which is part of what makes them so attractive to many influencers.

The market

The New York Times explains how TikTok mansions are part of a bigger gold rush, with influencers creating these houses since 2012. The phenomenon started with YouTube creators, before moving to Vine personalities, and now TikTok.

Though there certainly is a demand for these properties, it is not seen to greatly affect the overall housing market within the city. An article from the LA Times reports a cool down on real estate prices. Despite a slight improvement in the current sale-to-list price ratio since August of this year, only 37% of homes were actually sold above asking price – a significant dip from the 50% of last year.

While the city is certainly known for a higher cost of living (as with many other metropolitan areas), the prevalence of TikTok mansions has actually not significantly raised it. Prices have jumped by only 10.8% – a number attributed to inflation rather than the presence of these grand homes. This makes the city even more appealing for creators who want to enjoy the high life without paying too high a price.

Considering that the TikTok craze shows no signs of slowing down, it’s safe to assume that creators will continue to come and take root. While their long-term effect on the neighborhood is yet to be determined, for now, they’re adding online Gen-Z popularity to the scene.

Exclusively penned for valeriefitzgerald.com by Claudia Enid Gershom

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