Ways to Capture California Style in Your Home

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Ways to Capture California Style in Your Home

If you are looking for a neutral but warm style to introduce in your home, this is the right interior design trend. Simple yet effective, having California style in your home will make it shine for years to come. By following just a couple of easy steps, you will soon make your home stand out like never before.

Redesign your walls and ceiling

California style is known for white walls and exposed wooden beams. That is the interior design trend that is most commonly found in all California-style homes. So, the most effortless change you can make to introduce this interior design style to your home is to paint the walls white. That may seem like a simple choice, but it has many advantages. Simple, white walls can enable the decor pieces in your home to shine. They can make any room seem larger and brighter, as white walls can more easily reflect light in your home. Another pro is that your home will look cleaner and less busy with white walls. If you want to put wall art in your home, you will have the perfect neutral background to make your art pieces stand out. If the space you have is small, use wooden room dividers.

As for the ceilings, exposed beams make California style stand out. This simple addition to a home can make it look cozier. Exposed beams give your ceilings the transformation you never knew you needed. They are a simple and effective way to make your ceilings look decorated and unique. If you don't have exposed beams in your home, don't worry. Exposed beams are such a popular trend that you can even install faux exposed beams and achieve the same look. These are easy to install and don't weigh a lot. Another benefit of faux beams is that you can choose the size and style you want rather than having to make do with the beams that came with your home.

Add a lot of wooden elements

Besides wooden beams, California style can be achieved by adding other wooden details to your home. Natural wood is a great, sturdy material, and wooden furniture can last you for years. Installing a wooden wardrobe can be a fantastic addition. You'll need to maintain its appearance by wiping away dust and applying a fresh coat of varnish to the wood now and then. However, your efforts will pay off, as high-quality wooden furniture will also be in style forever. If you are building your kitchen from scratch, opt for cabinets made from solid wood.

Along with the white walls, you will achieve a minimalistic look that will be stylish for years. As for the handles, you can be creative and add handles that are vintage or made from natural materials. Finally, you can use wooden boxes to hide technology in your home and keep those pesky cables out of sight. Details like these will significantly affect the final result of your home's style.

Use only neutral tones

California style in your home can be a reality with just a couple of easy changes. To quickly achieve this look, purchase only decorative items that are in neutral tones. Using natural materials and elements is always a plus, especially with this home style. To keep your home looking cozy, use a lot of different textures. Carpets and linens in neutral tones are the best way to make the space feel warm without much effort. Plants are one of the few items that can complement any home design style. They will give the space just enough color that it needs, and they won't compromise the overall style of your home.

Incorporate the California style in your bathroom

The California style can be introduced into every room in your home, including the bathroom. Doing a complete bathroom remodel is the chance to incorporate the California style from floors to ceilings. We've mentioned exposed beams, but there is another statement piece in every California-style home: a choice of ornate tiling. Adding texture in a bathroom has never been easier with this feature. Combine it with minimalistic bathroom equipment, and you will have the bathroom of your dreams. If ornate tiling isn't your thing but you'd still like a California-style home, you can go with marble. A marble vanity unit is a fantastic piece in any home.

Another fantastic option can be terracotta tiling, which can make your bathroom stand out from the rest of the home. Best of all, this is a feature you can also introduce in your backyard. Whichever type of tiles you choose, one thing is for sure. High-quality bathroom linens in white color are something you can't go wrong with. Besides this, add a couple of plants and bathroom accessories made from wood. That is the final touch your bathroom needs to complement the rest of your California home.

Renovating and moving into your new California home

Renovating a home can be exciting, but it can disrupt your everyday life. As a result, you will have to find a way to balance your home renovations with your everyday tasks, such as work. Luckily, you can make this process a little easier in a couple of ways. Start your renovations by renovating the kitchen and the bathroom in your home. And, if you can, the relocation team at SF Moving advises that you don't move in until they are done. The most significant stressor when renovating a home is not having access to the kitchen and the bathroom. So, you will much more easily handle the renovations if you can stay elsewhere until they are done.

As for the packing and moving process, you can make it easy in several ways. Firstly, declutter your home and get rid of everything you don't need anymore. This way, you avoid unnecessary clutter in your home and save money on relocation simultaneously. Afterward, pack things efficiently. Keep similar items in the same boxes and remember to label them. That will make unpacking much less of a hassle. Organize the moving process and budget ahead of time, so you know what you are in for. To safely relocate, find a local expert team to help you. Working with movers who will carefully transport your things is one of the best ways to make moving easy and stress-free.

Final thoughts on capturing California style in your home

You will quickly introduce California style in your home by combining neutral tones with wooden elements correctly. Once you start renovating and decorating, you will see how easy this style is to obtain. And best of all, this interior design style will last for years to come.

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