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Valerie Fitzgerald: My Story

What do a 40,000-chicken farm, Michael Jackson, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Rihanna and many other celebrity rock n rollers have in common? Valerie Fitzgerald!

I was born in South Dakota and raised in Upstate New York on a Tuttles Egg Farm. We had 40,000 chickens laying eggs all the time. To help pay the rent on our little house on the farm, my sister and I boxed eggs before school in these huge hen houses. There were thousands of hens sitting on top of large tubes laying eggs faster than we could catch them.

A road trip across America, we were like the Beverly Hills hill billies driving on our way to live in California. My mother became a successful producer of the rock n roll hit TV shows, And I got exposed to the world of entertainment. After a series of doing TV commercials, magazine covers, 10 years with the Ford Agency in New York, an abusive violent marriage, a new baby, and back to California, well let’s say I got my real estate license and never looked back.

Want to hear more? Check out my book Heart and Sold, as well as my TedTalk, HGTV’s Selling LA, and finally, my podcast Real Estate, Real Laughs.

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