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Spend a day in DTLA

Downtown LA is a fascinating area! There are lot of places to hang out, many great restaurants to eat, and quite a few museums to visit. Here you enjoy the urban feel that you might miss if you are from New York, or you might just like a change of scenery from the single-storied West Hollywood and suburban neighborhoods. If you looking to feel that city vibe, we came up with a guide for you on how to get the best out of your day trip to DTLA! Here are some of the most attention grabbing options for you:

  1. The Last Bookstore
    After devouring your scoop of ice cream, make your way to the greatest bookstore in LA. The design of the store will leave you breathless and wanting to buy some books. This might be the most gorgeous display of books you have ever seen. This is not just a bookstore, it is a place for you to relax and get away from reality. You will not regret the experience of strolling through endless bookshelf pathways.
  2. The Factory Kitchen
    When you run out of time and energy to explore the wonders of making ice creams and reading books, you want to refuel at this fabulous dinner location. The Factory Kitchen offers an exquisite Italian cuisine prepared by Chef Angelo Auriana. Have a bowl of spaghetti with the Factory Kitchen’s gourmet sauces and Chef’s personal touches. The restaurant was designed by Ana Henton of MASS Architecture Design Build. Henton’s idea was to leave the elements of a fish factory the complex once was. You will not be disappointed. Dine in style!
  3. DTLA Skyslide
    The Skyslide, a new attraction on the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles, is made of 4-inch thick glass and is 45 feet long. The slide connects the 70th and 69th floors of the Bank Tower. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? That will sure be a memorable day experience! Check out the pricing and combos here: https://oue-skyspace.com/tickets/

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