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Secret bars of LA

Big part of summertime in Los Angeles is going out to trendy crowded rooftop bars. However, sometimes you are in the mood for something more private – you’re looking for a little adventure! Los Angeles is the place with no shortage of such places. Secret codes and peculiar entrances to the most fabulous bars in the city will make you wonder how you have not discovered this place earlier. If you want to make your nights out even more intriguing and fun, get your gang together and explore best of LA’s secret bars:

  1. Blind Barber, 10797 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
    Brought you from NYC, this bar features the award-winning mixologists and best classic cocktails like Old Fashioned or Flattop. As for the entrance – that gets tricky! To enter Blind Barber, you will need to go through to the back door of the barbershop. You’ll figure it out.
  2. The Red Door, 10057 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602
    What you’re in for is a Latin-themed lounge, so don’t hesitate to head over there, as it is guaranteed to be fun. In addition to excellent drinks, you can order their delicious food. This Valley bar has no sign, so to enter, go to Robano’s Pizza and walk down the small alley – you will find a red door.
  3. Break Room 86, 630 S Ardmore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90010
    This is the 80’s themed bar in Koreatown, featuring fabulous 80’s music, karaoke, vintage video games and, of course, best drinks. You’ll have a great time! To enter, Break Room 86, you’ll have find its indistinct back entrance, which is the only entrance, and then the attendant will show you to… the vending machine.
  4. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, 1611 N El Centro Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Brought to you by Houston Brothers, this bar is one of the more well-known secret bars in the city. Its 70’s hipster vibe will leave you breathless! You’re in for DJs featuring songs like Fleetwood Mac, vintage beer cans and girls rollerblading. To enter the bar, you’ll have to go through garage and then a refrigerator door. Strange, isn’t it?
  5. Lock and Key, 239 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004
    The exterior of this bar is so indistinct, you wouldn’t think it’s a classic cocktail bar. Definitely check out one of the best Koreatown secret bars! To enter Lock and Key, firstly, go through the front door, and then you’ll have to figure out which doorknob to turn to actually get in. Feeling like solving a puzzle? This is the place for you.
  6. No Vacancy, 1727 N Hudson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
    This Houston Brothers bar located in Hollywood, used to be a brothel and a hotel. The interior design is very detailed bringing you a perfect atmosphere with shows featured every hour on the weekends. To enter, get past the doorman, who’ll show you your room and bed…

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