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How to Create the Perfect Home Theater Room in Your Luxury Home

Buying your first luxury home is a dream come true. However, you have to put in some work to make it feel like home. Of course, you should start with the essential areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. But once you’re done with that, you can move on to the fun stuff. Specifically, you should think about designing some entertainment areas. A great option here is to create a home theater room. On the one hand, you can use it to unwind at the end of a stressful day. On the other hand, you can organize fun movie nights with friends and family whenever you want. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the full cinema experience, you must design it right. Take a look at our guide on how to create the perfect home theater room in your luxury home.

No. 1 To create the perfect home theater room, you must choose the right location

Choosing the right location for your home theater room is key. Otherwise, light, smell, and noise can easily ruin your movie experience. It’s best to pick a spare room that is far away from the kids’ room, the kitchen, or the garage. Apart from being isolated from loud and smelly areas, this room should also be poorly lit. If there’s a room in the house with no windows, that should be your top pick.

At the same time, you should make sure that the room is big enough to accommodate a home theater. Specifically, it must be long enough to provide proper distance from the screen. This is often the trickiest part, especially if your luxury home is not very big. In this case, you should consider giving up one of your spare bedrooms and repurposing it. If you don’t want to part ways with the items in that room, the specialists from Peasley Transfer & Storage Boise advise you to rent storage.

No. 2 Deal with the light issues

Unfortunately, most homes are not designed to include a home theater. Therefore, you’ll rarely find poorly lit rooms. The problem with this is that too much ambient light will cause annoying reflections and glares on the screen. But don’t worry; you have options. Firstly, your contractor can close off any window openings in the room. However, if you’re not ready to give up the windows entirely, you can invest in blinds or blackout curtains.

Now, if you want to create the perfect home theater room, you’ll still need some light. Otherwise, you’ll constantly trip and fall. Thus, you should incorporate some artificial lights. Opt for recessed lights, soffits, and rope lights. These will help you create the perfect cinema setting. You should also consider installing a smart light system that enables you to control all the lights remotely.

No. 3 Block the noise

If your luxury home is not very big, setting up your home theater in an isolated and quiet area is impossible. Furthermore, you have no control over the noise outside of your home. So, if you don’t want any disturbances, you must find a way to block the noise. Some of the best options include adding a second layer of drywall or installing zero-sound drywall. Nevertheless, if you wish to avoid all that mess, you can opt for installing sound panels.

No. 4 Consider the seating set-up

To create the perfect cinema experience, you need comfortable seating. You can opt for theater-style seats or sofas. This mostly depends on how big the room is and how many people you want to fit inside. Don’t forget that you also have to maintain a proper distance from the screen, which will significantly reduce the available space. For extra comfort, you should look for seating with a reclining ability, USB ports, and cupholders.

No. 5 Search for the right screen

The screen is the centerpiece of your home theater room. Thus, you shouldn’t make any rash decisions when it comes to it. Take your time to research all the options. Firstly, you must decide whether you prefer a projector with a pull-down or fixed screen or a flat-screen TV. Secondly, you must decide on the shape, size, and features.

You’ll probably be tempted to buy the biggest screen that can fit on your wall, but you should avoid doing that. Instead, you should carefully measure the room to determine the right screen size. Take into account that to ensure an optimal viewing experience, you’ll need to position the screen at a distance of three feet from the ground. Furthermore, you must be able to take in the full screen at once from your seat. So, the larger the screen, the bigger the room needs to be. If this is not feasible in your home, you can go to an outdoor movie whenever you long for a bigger screen.

No. 6 Invest in quality sound

Since we no longer watch silent movies, sound quality is as important as image quality. Thus, you should spare nothing when it comes to the sound system. Look for a high-quality full surround sound system that will enable you to enjoy the cinema experience. Make sure you place the center speaker above the movie screen, then install speakers on each side of the screen, on the sidewalls, and on the room's back wall.

No. 7 Add extras

Think about the types of foods and drinks you enjoy consuming while watching a movie and incorporate them into your home theater. Start by installing a small fridge to keep your drinks cold. You can stack it with sodas, beer, or whichever beverage you prefer. Plus, since you can’t have a true cinema experience without popcorn, you could invest in a popcorn machine. Or, if you prefer other snacks, you can add a snack cabinet. Finally, you should also make a list of some of the best pizzerias in L.A. for when your friends come over for movie night.


If watching movies is one of your favorite leisure activities, you should seriously consider creating a home theatre. As you’ve seen in this guide on how to create the perfect home theater room in your luxury home, you don’t need much. However, to have the full cinema experience, you should take the time to carefully assess every option and decide what is best for your home.

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