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Healthy Eating Habits

It’s never a wrong time to start taking proper care of yourself! After all, health is the foundation of a happy life! And it’s best to begin with choosing healthier options for your everyday meals. We are happy to provide you with healthy eating habits that will make you look and, more importantly, feel better:

  1. Eat your breakfast
    Do NOT skip breakfast. You will find yourself constantly feeling hungry! This is the meal that is going to keep you energized throughout the whole day. The best breakfast options are: oatmeal with berries; scrambled egg whites with sliced avocado and tomato on wheat toast; cottage cheese mixed with Greek yogurt (flavor of your choice) and berries of your choice. A cup of freshly brewed coffee will wake you up and speed up your metabolism.
  2. Eat more protein
    Your body uses protein to fuel the fat burning while preserving calorie-burning lean muscle. Combining regular exercise with an adequate protein intake, you will get yourself that rocking body you’ve always wanted. The healthy protein foods are: chicken breast, lean steak/ground turkey, salmon, eggs, low fat cottage cheese.
  3. Stay hydrated
    Water is always a good idea! There are times when you feel hungry, and, in fact, you’re just thirsty. Drink lots of water, and even more water during exercise. It will keep you feeling refreshed and your skin glowing. Add some lemon to your morning glass of water to make your metabolism faster.
  4. Portion size is key
    “I’m eating healthy, but not losing any weight – what’s the problem?” I’m sure many of you have wondered that at some point in your life. The thing to do in this situation is check your portion sizes. Start downsizing your portions bit by bit and you will see the progress you’ve been waiting for. Be aware that restaurants do have bigger portion sizes, so if you tend to order out, you might want to break your meal down to two servings.
  5. Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry
    One last tip: it’s best to avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry, you tend to feel like you want to eat more than you actually need, so you’ll end up buying more and or even slip up and go for unhealthy food like chips or pretzels. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to have a cheat day every one of two weeks, but you shouldn’t munch on popcorn in front your TV more often than that. So go ahead, and start your healthy life! Small steps, of course, and you will get there!

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