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Discover Studio City

This lovely neighborhood on the northern side of Hollywood Hills was given its name by developers trying to attract big movie studios to the area back in the 1920s. Today, Studio City has a relaxed vibe and attracts its visitors with its laid-back dining spots, vintage stores, and cozy yet lively bar scene. Take a drive down the 101, and rediscover Studio City and all of its hidden gems below:

  1. Fryman Canyon Trail
    Way less popular than Runyon Canyon, and therefore less busy, Fryman Canyon is a nice, not too difficult hiking trail that takes you through the residential area behind Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Mulholland Drive. Enjoy beautiful views of the Valley with your friends or your dog!
  2. Dearing Mountain Trail
    This hiking trail is more challenging than Fryman, and it’s 4.5 miles long! You’re surrounded by nature with the trail most shaded. Dearing Mountain Trail is a great morning workout with scenic views of Los Angeles.
  3. Sherman Oaks Antique Mall
    Driving farther down Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks antique mall is a perfect place to go on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’ll find a lot of bizarre and beautiful items in this charming antique spot – anything from rare records to vintage toys, and much more!
  4. Iliad Bookshop
    Iliad is considered one of LA’s best second-hand bookstores. Here you’ll lose track of time digging through dusty tracks of rare editions. And as a bonus, as you browse through what this bookshop has to offer, you’ll be accompanied by numerous cats.
  5. Laurel Tavern
    This is a local favorite – its casual atmosphere, delicious food, and quality selection of craft brews make it a place to be on a Friday night. Also, stop by for a happy hour from 3 to 6pm on weekdays, which is perfect for an after-work hangout with your buddies.

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