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Best Vintage Stores in Beverly Hills

Fashion trends are constantly changing. While it's fun and exciting to keep up with them, there will always be one style that never goes out of fashion - vintage. Whether we talk about furniture design, clothes, or accessories - vintage style is timeless. Many people describe it as "watching an old movie". This means vintage design offers them an escape to a different era and an experience of its lifestyle. Therefore, vintage is not just about the style; it's about the feeling it gives you. It's nostalgic, warm, and cozy. That's why so many people fell in love with it. If you're one of them, hop on this time machine, and let's scroll through the best vintage stores in Beverly Hills!

Vintage clothes and accessories

Wearing vintage clothes and accessories means you get to experience a whole different period through clothing. It's like dressing yourself in history. Isn't that fantastic? So, to help you experience this, we found the best vintage stores in Beverly Hills that offer the most amazing clothing and accessories selection. And don't worry, there is something for everybody - from designer pieces in fancy boutiques to streetwear in classic fleamarkets.


Wasteland is a wonderful place to start if you're searching for a wide range of vintage items. The majority of the vintage here isn't designer, but rather hand-picked one-of-a-kind items at reasonable prices. Besides some amazing vintage gems, you can find some pieces that are the perfect mix of contemporary and timeless. Therefore, if you're looking for the best vintage stores in Beverly Hills, don't overlook this super cool store with an artsy vibe.

What Goes Around Comes Around

This store is a real gem, just like its name! What Goes Around Comes Around has locations on both sides of the coast, but its Beverly Hills location is the most prominent one. This is a premium vintage boutique that sells anything from vintage accessories to band shirts and jeans. What Goes Around Comes Around definitely has a cool-girl vibe to it, and it has a lot of celebrity admirers. So, it's worth checking out if you're looking for the best vintage stores in Beverly Hills.


Recess has a limited and carefully curated designer collection. In this magnificent boutique, the combination of modern consignment coexists with fantastic vintage pieces. You can always find fresh and intriguing clothes that are chosen to make a massive impression on everyone who steps into this store. Recess is filled with vintage costume jewelry, hats, and purses, from the practical to the extravagant. One thing is for sure - walking into Recess, you can sense the owners' enthusiasm for vintage. Therefore, you'll definitely leave the store inspired.

Vintage furniture and antiques

Beverly Hills is full of amazing and fun places, and vintage furniture stores are one of them. Decorating your home with vintage furniture and antiques is like living in a time machine. You can choose whichever era you like the most and go on a treasure hunt for pieces from that time. Of course, you can mix vintage items from different periods as well. So, if you want to surround yourself with history and culture, check out these vintage stores we picked out for you!

The Mart Collective

The Mart Collective is a 16,000-square-foot shop with over 120 distinct dealers of antiques, vintage, art, and good-design artifacts. It's brimming with incredible one-of-a-kind treasures that have been carefully chosen and displayed to inspire and amaze. Everything from vintage to mid-century contemporary furniture to striking costume jewelry, from classic designer pieces to decorating essentials, may be found in The Mart's aisles. Additionally, if you're looking for collectibles, cultural artifacts (such as typewriters and rotary phones), or even fine art - you've come to the right place. The Mart Collective has it all!

Vintage Concept

This family-owned vintage furniture store specializes in 20th-century design. Vintage Concept is filled with retro pieces you can't find everywhere. Besides this pretty cool vintage furniture, you can find mid-century modern furniture as well. They have a unique selection of quality furniture. They also offer upholstery services and complete furniture restoration. Additionally, the people who work here are vintage aficionados, so they will help you with everything you want and need!

White Buffalo

White Buffalo is a hidden gem with a long tradition in LA. It was established in 1992, and it's full of high-quality vintage furniture from different eras. People say there two things about this store they like the most - fair prices and excellent service. The furniture and homeware are carefully chosen and well-curated. Everything in this store is oozing with the character of the old times. Isn't that what vintage style is all about?

Olde Good Things

Another vintage store with a clever name! This place is heaven for vintage admirers. It's crammed with vintage furniture, collectibles, and all kinds of antiquities. Every item in this store has an interesting story behind it and a knowledgeable service who will tell you all about it. Additionally, if you're looking for some unique decorative pieces, you'll definitely find something here. Olde Good Things is known for its quirky and fun vintage items. The best part is their highly affordable prices. Therefore, nobody leaves Olde Good Things empty-handed.

Did you think about vintage furniture delivery?

After finally finding the piece of vintage furniture you've been hunting for ages, you'll have to think about the delivery. Not every store offers a delivery service, and if you purchase a bulky piece of furniture, you'll be in a pickle. In situations like this, you'll have to think about a professional furniture delivery. While the cost of furniture delivery in LA can be quite pricy, you should be able to afford the transfer of your favorite pieces as long as you don't buy the whole store. As a plus, you'll know the valuable and unique items you bought will be safe and sound in the hands of experts. Therefore, hiring professionals is definitely worth your money!

Are you ready to go on a vintage shopping spree?

Shopping for vintage pieces is extremely exciting. Now that you know all about the best vintage stores in Beverly Hills, you're ready to go on a shopping spree. As you can see, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for specific designer clothes, quirky decoration, or a piece of unique furniture - you'll definitely find it in these stores. Good luck with this special treasure hunt!

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

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