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Beautiful Surfing Spots in California

Surfing is a beautiful sport, and here in California, we are blessed with great surfing spots that are perfect both picture taking and actual surfing. Assembly member Al Muratsuchi recently said, “Nothing represents the California Dream better than surfing—riding the waves and living in harmony with the beautiful beaches and ocean of our Golden State…Surfing is an iconic California sport and an important part of the multibillion dollar California coastal economy, particularly in the tourism and recreation industries”. Not only surfing is a great and strenuous workout, it’s also a very aesthetically pleasing activity. If you’re looking for that perfect spot to ride the waves, here are the most beautiful ones:

  1. Rincon Point, Santa Barbara
    Rincon Point is located off Highway 101, between La Conchita and Carpinteria. There you’ll find one of the most authentic surfing spots in California – its fame is legendary. Open between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily, the park is located next to gated beach houses that enjoy views of the ocean and world-class surfing. To check Rincon Point’s surf report, click here:
  2. Laguna Beach
    Laguna Beach is perfect for beginner and intermediate-level surfers. Laguna Beach’s most popular surfing spots include the Rockpile, and mid-town beaches of St. Ann’s, Thalia Street and Pearl Street. Brook’s Street, however is for more experienced surfers. Surfing lessons are available at such surf shops as Thalia Surf Shop, La Vida Laguna, Toes on the Nose, and Laguna’s oldest surf shop, Laguna Surf and Sport. To check Laguna Beach’s surf report, click here:
  3. Cardiff Reef, San Diego
    San Diego’s Cardiff is well known for its sandy beaches, scenic cliffs, and great surfing spots. Cardiff Reef is a beach park and surf spot on the south end of the Cardiff State beach area, where the cliffs end. If you’re not a surfer, it’s still a perfect spot for you, because here you can take advantage of the gorgeous views and create the most beautiful Instagram post you’ve ever done!

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