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Amenities Millennial Homebuyers Want in Beverly Hills

For millennials, freedom is sacred. Members of this generation want to remain independent to a greater extent than any generation before them. They do not compromise. Many start their own companies, do not believe in traditional employment, and distance themselves from established patterns and norms. And, once they decide to buy their dream home, certain things appeal to them and encourage them to sign the contract. Many millennials want to settle down in 90210 but have some preferences that need to be checked off the list. We have done our research and now present you with the list of amenities millennial homebuyers want in Beverly Hills.

The generational shift

Millennials want many of the same qualities as their parents, including a superb location of their future home. They do, however, hunt for contemporary features that previous generations did not. And it's not simply the house's attributes that real estate agents must examine. Millennials purchase properties differently than previous generations, and the housing industry must adjust to stay current. They have overtaken Baby Boomers as the most significant portion of house buyers. Because this demographic dominates the housing market, real estate brokers must address the question: What would millennials seek in a home?

Most common amenities millennial homebuyers want in Beverly Hills

This generation reached adulthood with a clear sense of what is essential to them, growing up in a more progressive, more options-rich, and faster-moving era than ever before. And many are opting for moving across California to fulfill their dreams. While they will need to look into professionals and get the best assistance for this long-distance move, take a look at some of the main things they look for in a home.


Even in car-centric cities like Los Angeles, millennial buyers prefer to live in downtown areas. Whether they are searching for sights or property close to local stores and their work, location is an essential factor in the selection. Millennials prefer active, metropolitan lifestyles and access to restaurants, bars, and various activities. Because of the city's location inside Los Angeles County, owning a desirable piece of Beverly Hills real estate entails having the benefits of location and convenience.

Beverly Hills is located close to vital spots of industry-related business and leisure. You have West Hollywood, Culver City, and Santa Monica, all within easy driving distance. The city also has excellent access to strolling choices for recharging. And, options are essential to a Beverly Hills millennial! When you live in Beverly Hills, you have access to the finest eateries, fitness centers, good shopping, and beautiful parks. Millennials are social beings. Those residing here may satisfy their social needs by taking a short journey to the famous nightclubs in West Hollywood and bars on Sunset Boulevard.

High value on indoor-outdoor living

Outdoor living is essential to affluent millennials. They're not searching for modest balconies but rather patios, roof decks, and backyards. Outdoor space is nearly considered mandatory among millennials, who value having a place to relax. They like to link their indoor area with outdoor living - a big glass door that connects the kitchen with the lounge will get the attention of many millennial homebuyers. They love to entertain, unwind by the firepit, prepare meals outside, and have a soft spot for summer kitchens. If a home has an outdoor kitchen, it is roughly 25% more likely to sell to a millennial buyer.

Open floor plans

Speaking of indoor and outdoor gatherings, Gen-Y buyers often prefer an open floor design throughout the house. Instead of having a separate formal dining room, open floor designs combine the kitchen, living, and dining spaces. Social interactions are much better when you have a flexible layout of the home. Closed-off formal dining rooms were once a household requirement, but they no longer hold appeal for today's youth. An open floor design has a breezy look and is a must-have for millennial Beverly Hills homebuyers since it allows smooth hosting for any occasion.

Eco-friendly elements

From solar panels and skylights to natural materials, ecologically conscious features rank at the very top of the list of amenities millennial homebuyers want in Beverly Hills. They are ready to spend the extra money to guarantee that their new house is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Millennials want a personalized house that reflects their values, and they are ready to spend significant cash on it. They want to construct their space and make improvements that will satisfy their requirements and elevate their particular mindset.

Smart homes

Gen-Yers want instant everything, from electricity for their devices to knowledge to satisfy their restless minds, since it mirrors how they grew up. Millennials will be put off by a lack of services, connections, smart appliances, remotes, and design that integrates every part of a home's technology. Technology optimization and smooth integration are primary priorities.

With their busy lives and natural technological proficiency, this generation finds worth in homes equipped with smart home devices such as automated lighting, Wi-Fi thermostats, security systems, built-in speakers, etc. They want to remotely operate home appliances, lights, and air-conditioning systems using an app for a more simplified and efficient lifestyle.

Office space at home

Gen Y is affecting the workplace in the same way it is altering the real estate market. Many millennials have jobs that involve working from the privacy and comfort of their homes. Homebuyers want a separate room where they can operate and attend meetings. So, home sellers should emphasize versatile spaces that can be turned into offices to accentuate a home's adaptability.

Final thoughts

Young buyers are pickier than earlier generations when it comes to where they reside. Millennials in their twenties are just starting their careers, but those in their thirties have more purchasing power and require more room for a growing family. And, if a home checks off most of the amenities millennial homebuyers want in Beverly Hills, it's bound to go off the market as soon as it gets there.

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