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7 Most Instagrammable Places in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a relatively small city, just under six square miles. Apart from being one of the most glamorous places to live on the planet, it is also perfectly designed for visitors. Streets lined with palm trees and lavish mansions are the backdrop on which this iconic city builds its world-class image. And despite its small size, 90210 brims with iconic hotels, restaurants, and various other legendary venues, that no visitor should miss. Hence, with so much to see and do, this is the perfect spot to spend your holidays. Below is our pick of the most Instagrammable places in Beverly Hills that will keep your memories alive long after your visit.

1. Beverly Hills Sign

This 40-foot-long landmark is easily the most recognizable symbol of the neighborhood. It traces its origins back to 1907, when it was made in honor of the city's 100th anniversary. It is located in Beverly Gardens Park, which is a postcard-worthy landscape. The focal point near the sign is a picturesque lily pond. This is adorned with beautiful blooming lilies in spring and summer. The Beverly Hills Sign is one of the most photographed spots in the city. And obviously, it deserves its place among the top most Instagrammable places in the Garden Spot of the World.

2. Beverly Hills Hotel

Preserving the glamourous ambiance of old Hollywood, this is the most iconic hotel among the many that Beverly Hills is home of. It first opened its doors back in 1912. Since then, it has been a hotspot for the film industry A-listers and celebrities. With its signature pink and teal colors, it is only hard to miss recognizing the Beverly Hills Hotel at a glance. Spending a night here will cost you well over $1,000. However, if you are running on a tight budget because you are purchasing Beverly Hills property, the Cabana Cafe is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most Instagrammable places in Beverly Hills. All the while, indulge your senses in tasty bites and enjoy the ambiance of one of the favorite venues of its kind among celebrities.

3. Rodeo Drive—One of the Most Instagrammable Places in Beverly Hills

This 2-miles long street brims with high-end fashion and designer shops. Surely, it is one of the most recognizable of its kind worldwide. Besides, window shopping can be as exciting as leaving this Instagram-worthy spot in Beverly Hills with a pile of full bags. You will find the Two Rodeo and the Rodeo Drive signs in the middle of this world-class street. These are equally famous as the place which they mark. They feature in countless Hollywood movies and allow you to snap some excellent content for your Instagram. While you are here, bestcrosscountrymovers.com recommends heading towards Two Rodeo. With its design, this place represents a classic European-style street. With cobblestones and atmospheric street lights, this is one of the prettiest locations in Beverly Hills.

4. Will Rodgers Memorial Park

Located on Sunset Boulevard and just across from the Beverly Hills Hotel, you will not have to look hard for this picture-perfect spot. Its history goes back to 1915, when it opened as the first municipal park in Beverly Hills. It was renamed Will Rogers Memorial Park in 1952 in honor of its first mayor. The park features many great settings for a perfect picture. From rose gardens and palm trees to winding paths, here you will find a fantastic backdrop for an impressive Instagram post.

5. Beverly Hills Civic Center

This beautiful place dates back to 1990 and certainly provides a great opportunity for a fantastic photoshoot. This complex of courtyards, promenades, and buildings is a virtual photographer's paradise. It represents a fantastic mix of architectural styles. These range from Postmodern to Spanish Revival and Art Deco. Organizing a photoshoot here certainly belongs on the list of fun things to do in Beverly Hills. The playfulness of the Spanish Renaissance shines through archways paved with colorful tiles, a plaza lined with palm trees, and paths framed with atmospheric lampposts. As a tribute to the lives lost on 9/11, you will find a memorial garden right next to the Civic Center. This is a beautiful place for some thoughtful reflection. And, of course, it is an excellent spot for some impressive photo shots.

6. Beverly Hills City Hall

A historic building dating back to 1932, the City Hall makes its appearance in several Hollywood movies. Indeed, this is not one of the hidden attractions in Beverly Hills. In fact, the building is one of the largest and most expensive City Halls in the country. It is built in Spanish Revival architectonical style. What further makes it a picture-perfect spot are the tall palm trees surrounding the building. These are decorated with fairytale-like twinkling lights, which sparkle at dusk and down. Surely, this is one of the most Instagrammable places in Beverly Hills and one of the most recognizable too.

7. Sprinkles' Cupcake ATM

 You will find this unique treat dispensing machine on the South Santa Monica Boulevard. It turns out that ATMs are not just for cash. So, head here to enjoy the experience of indulging in the Sprinkles delectable even after-hours. The ATM is in service 24/7, and it even has dog-friendly options on cupcakes. Besides, striking a pose next to this photogenic invention will surely impress your Instagram followers. But, do take note that as one of the most Instagrammable spots in Beverly Hills, the ATM attracts many visitors. So, the chances are you will have to stand in a queue, but it is totally worth it for some eye-catching content.

Final Thoughts

Beverly Hills offers a wide array of unique and iconic places for the perfect photoshoot. This ritzy neck in the woods is also an increasingly popular place for social media influencers to put their roots in. Let the aforementioned locations serve you as a lead to getting a tasteful bunch of photos that are sure to impress the crowds. Besides, if you are on a mission to purchase your dream home in the 90210, make sure to partner with the best real estate agent in the area. Apart from guiding you in the process of buying, they will certainly point you in the direction of some of the most Instagrammable places in Beverly Hills that are fresh and exciting for the curious eyes of your followers.

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