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4 Sustainable Home Trends For Luxury Living

Even in a competitive buyer’s market, finding a home that checks all of your boxes is extremely important. In a luxury home, it’s crucial to have the highest quality materials and latest tech advancements so that, when you’re ready to sell, you’ll undoubtedly attract the right market of home buyers. Making sure your home is as eco-friendly as possible is an added bonus, and will help it to stand out, remain sustainable for years to come, and contribute less waste to the world around us. Whether you’re looking to buy a home, sell one, build from the ground up, or just make renovations in hopes of creating a greener home, these inventive trends will give you a place to start.

1. Use Reclaimed Materials and Eco-Friendly Elements

Making sure you’re aware of small design details within your home and consciously choosing sustainable materials is a good starting point. For example, using reclaimed wood for high ceiling beams, and repurposed stone or bamboo countertops in the kitchen will mean you’re sourcing from natural materials. There are plenty of opportunities to source green materials for your home, which tend to be more long-lasting and create a luxurious and comfortable living space. Anything from low VOC paint to carpeting made from recycled materials can be a solid, sustainable option.

If you’re looking to hire a construction company for your build or remodel project, sustainable building companies that specialize in green homes can offer a forward-thinking option. Consulting with a designer or construction company will allow you to consider sustainable architecture and be more intentional about your carbon footprint right from the beginning of the project.

2. Add Vintage Pieces

The addition of vintage furniture or artwork not only adds charm and warmth to a space, but also gives it a story. Shopping at local flea markets or antique stores can mean you’re picking out unique pieces that have more meaning and history behind them. Mixing antique elements with contemporary pieces will give your home more of a modern feel. This can also give a new life to vintage furniture. Upcycling furniture is a popular way to mix styles and play with different design elements. You can also refinish or re-upholster these older pieces, as these usually are built with better craftsmanship and higher-quality materials.

3.   Invest in Energy-Efficient Features

Homes with large windows or skylights will add natural lighting, warm up the space naturally and save on energy usage. To ensure your home is the most up-to-date and efficient, you may want to replace some of your older home systems or appliances that use excessive amounts of energy. If you have coverage through a home warranty you’ll easily be able to replace vital home systems like air conditioning or a furnace. By today’s standards, homes with systems that are 10-15 years old are due for a high-end upgrade, as this new model will significantly cut costs and create more of a comfortable living environment.

Incorporating solar panels into the design of your home is a great way to utilize direct sunlight, especially in California which certainly doesn’t lack sun! Another option in the solar scene is roofing tiles, which are small and can be custom-made to better fit the style of your home. Smaller solar-powered indoor and outdoor lights can also be an easy, efficient addition to any space.

4. Incorporate Greenery

Looking for a home with a peaceful garden or greenhouse for plants can ensure that you’re receiving a regular dose of fresh air, and potentially getting some fruits and vegetables out of it too! If you don’t have the space for a full garden, adding some native Californian apple or citrus trees to your property can give your yard the TLC it needs. Green roofing is very up-and-coming and can purify the air while lengthening the longevity of your roof and providing it with a buffer from rainwater. Along with regular landscaping, incorporating a green wall on the exterior of your home can make your luxury home even more beautiful.

Plus, surrounding yourself with foliage can relieve stress, improve mental health, and provide a natural touch to any space. Whether you’re adding large indoor plants to be the focal point or smaller plants that accompany existing decor, this addition will surely spruce up your home.

Final thoughts

Luxury homes are trending towards sustainability in 2022 and paving the way with innovative technologies that reduce our carbon footprint. There are many upgrades that you can make to your home to ensure that it’s saving you money, maximizing its energy efficiency, and leaving less waste in the world. If you’re looking to purchase a home in the near future, discussing some of these sustainable home features with your REALTOR® can ensure that you’re finding a home that’s the right fit for you!











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