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How to Enjoy Beverly Hills with Your Dog

Nothing compares to a long walk with your four-legged friend on a fine morning. Or watching the joy on their face when you take the ball, and they know it's time to play in a nearby park! Even resting at home is better together. There is an old saying that pets and dogs give back ten times the love we give them. Going for regular walks with your dog also increases your fitness level and helps you stay healthy. Doing dog-friendly activities often means meeting other dog owners - which means you can make new friends at the same time as your dog! And when it comes to 90210, this pet-friendly city offers many options for pet owners. There are countless ways to enjoy Beverly Hills with your dog, and we are here to bring you a rundown on some of them.

Why are dogs so perfect for Beverly Hills?

Residents of Beverly Hills are especially fond of their dogs, and you will encounter a lot of them when walking about the city. There are a few significant advantages to keeping a dog in such a large metropolis. The first and most important advantage is that dogs are incredible stress relievers, and living in such a major urban region, with its constant traffic and quick speed of life, can be difficult. In general, having a dog as a friend may reduce stress and improve your mood, and in rare situations, it can even prevent clinical anxiety and depression.

Another reason that Beverly Hills is just the right location for dog owners is that there are so many outdoor areas to enjoy. You can choose one of the numerous parks and hiking routes. With such pleasant weather practically all year, having a dog will motivate you to get some exercise and spend time outside. Dog parks are quite popular and a great spot for your dog to exercise. And, the best part - most of the establishments in the city are dog-friendly! So, you can take your pet with you as you run an errand, grab something to eat, and mingle.

Different ways to enjoy Beverly Hills with your dog

If you are considering moving to Beverly Hills and are looking into all the fun stuff you and your pup can do here, you're in for a treat! There are plenty of them, and we have a list. So, if you're coming from Florida, call up interstate movers for easy relocation from Miami to the LA area, get your pup all packed and ready, and head on down.

Visit one of the many dog parks

Judging by the movies and TV shows, one could assume that everyone in Beverly Hills carries their dogs around in designer bags. While there is some truth in it, there are many exceptions! Most people love to let their dogs run around and have fun, and what better place to do so than a dog park? Take your dog to one of the numerous city, county, or state dog parks in Beverly Hills and Orange County for a fun day for both owner and pup. Here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Beverly Hills Community Dog Park- Located at 344 North Foothill Road, between Foothill Road and Alden Drive. It has off-leash sections for small and big dogs. If you intend to come with your pet, you must first register and obtain a dog tag permit. The dog park is available to registered Beverly Hills residents, those who have jobs in Beverly Hills, hotel guests, and residents' visitors daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Beverly Gardens Park - This popular tourist spot is a 1.9-mile-long linear park that runs along Santa Monica Boulevard from Wilshire Boulevard to North Doheny Drive. You can enjoy looking at numerous renowned art pieces, walking specialized gardens such as the Cactus Garden and Rose Garden, or jogging on the decomposed granite route. Beverly Gardens Parkis open to the public and free, and it has many great photo-ops for you and your pup!

Hike with your pup

If you and your dog like to be active and break a sweat, a hike is just the right thing! And, one of the best things about living in Beverly Hills is the abundance of fantastic hiking paths nearby. Despite being an urban paradise, Los Angeles is home to some of the top trails in California.

One of our recommendations would be Runyon Canyon. It attracts visitors, pets, and celebrities - and with good reason! Runyon provides a great view of the LA Basin and the Hollywood Sign. Puppies are also welcome to hike the route as long as they are on a leash, and there is an off-leash section, too. Just be vary off the foot traffic - this is a very popular trail.

Shop at dog-friendly malls and markets

If there is one thing that Beverly Hills has, it would be malls and markets. The city's worldwide famous for it! But what you might not know is that many are, in fact, pup-friendly. You and your puppy can visit the stores or even enjoy a pleasant stroll and window-shopping. If you enjoy luxury, most stores on Rodeo Drive, no matter how high-end they are, accept dogs inside. The Original Farmers Market and The Grove are also welcoming of pets and very entertaining for the owner.

Stop by a dog bakery

Dog bakeries have gained popularity in recent years, complete with fancy pastry displays and even professional pastry chefs. This is a great pleasure for dog lovers who appreciate the craftsmanship of a fine pastry kitchen, and it's also great fun for your dog. SoCal has a few amazing ones, and our heartfelt recommendations would be Pussy & Pooch and The Dog Bakery.

Final thoughts

There are so many fun things to do in 90210, and sharing them with your pup doubles the fun! Every dog owner knows - there is nothing as sad as being out and thinking about your dog all alone at home, thinking of you. You would much rather have them close to you. Thankfully, this is possible. You can check all of the activities we've mentioned and enjoy Beverly Hills with your dog all the way!

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

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