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Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles often feels like being in the center of the world. The LA metropolitan area is enormous, and it offers something for everyone. However, everyone that has lived here knows how good it is to escape the city every once in a while. Thankfully, you have 52 weekends a year for that - and one of the most significant advantages of living here is the number of vacation destinations at your disposal. Whether you are longing for wine tasting with friends, a romantic retreat in the desert, or an active hiking trip, we got you. Here is the list of weekend getaways from Los Angeles you do not want to miss.

A guide on weekend getaways from Los Angeles

Los Angelenos love to brag about how they can leisurely escape the city and immerse themselves in a completely different environment. And that is absolutely correct! You can be swimming in the ocean one morning and skiing in the mountains the very same afternoon, and even return fresh for work on Monday. With this many freeways, planes, trains, helicopters - a perfect weekend getaway is just an idea away.


Ojai's quaint, rural hamlet is a convenient and lovely option for a quick LA escape. Ojai, an hour and a half north of Los Angeles, is a unique combination of old-school hippy healers and artists, as well as newbies attempting to make that culture hot once more. If you are looking for a peaceful place to meditate and soak in the positive energy, seek no further.

Because of Ojai's environment, many fruits and veggies thrive here, ensuring that meals are constantly fresh and complement the season. The wine is also manufactured locally and, as an added benefit, delivered straight to you, with tasting facilities adorning the main strip. This downtown lane also offers an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and specialized shops. If you prefer to spend your time outside, Ojai is a terrific place to see pre or post visiting Los Padres National Forest.

Palm Springs

One of the favorite weekend getaways from Los Angeles is this desert oasis, filled with palms and springs. Even the street names tell us how much Angelenos loved to come here - Frank Sinatra Drive and Dean Martin Drive will welcome you as you explore Coachella Valley. It is also full of historic hotels, pools galore, and a slew of glitzy venues to sip a cocktail while the sun goes down behind the massive San Jacinto Mountains.

You can admire the architecture (which this location is known for) before browsing the shops of Palm Canyon Drive. Palm Springs has the world's most outstanding collection of preserved mid-century modern structures, both residential and commercial. They also get around 350 days of sunshine a year, which is a great plus, especially in winter - it should be a must on your SoCal road trip list.

Santa Barbara

When we talk about Santa Barbara, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. Known as the American Riviera, it is famous for its riches and its beaches - essential if you are looking for fantastic surfing spots. Santa Barbara is diverse and beautiful, with world-famous celebrities, a flourishing college scene, and vibrant Hispanic culture. And, on top of all that, it is just under 100 miles north of LA.

Surely, you go to top restaurants and enjoy good food in LA - which there is an abundance of. However, Santa Barbara has some fantastic eateries and upscale bars to throw in the rink, too. If you want to treat yourself or someone you love, this destination might be just the right choice!


Temecula is a region in inland Southern California that has established a reputation as a premier holiday spot. It offers the right balance for those searching for a wine-centered getaway with a relaxed ambiance. Instead of being restricted to tasting facilities, guests can wander from vineyard to vineyard thanks to the town's vast structure, providing wine enthusiasts with a unique experience. Another fun thing to do here is to go on a hot air balloon ride, a memorable way to experience this area - from the sky, at dawn.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of all the potential retreats from LA. Let this tiny beautiful island whisk you away from California and into a world comparable to the Adriatic shores in Europe. It is close to the city, rich in history, and offers outdoor adventures for those so inclined. You can take up hiking, biking, and exploring the mountains and beaches, alongside the island's unique wildlife. Catalina is the ideal weekend getaway from Los Angeles, with its bright blue shoreline and cliffside vistas that will make that martini in hand taste even better.

Las Vegas

Ever-so-cheap flights from LA to Las Vegas save you time on the 5-hour drive, as Sin City is one of the most visited destinations for a weekend getaway. The moving crew behind Good Neighbors Moving Company has also helped many relocate there, since Las Vegas is in the top 5 places Los Angelenos decide to move to. If you want to test the waters or just try your luck, a weekend here is refined fun and indulgence. You could see a show as you've never seen before, have fun at one of the casinos, or lounge by the pools until it's time for a night out.

Big Bear

If you find yourself longing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a quick 2-hour trip can get you just that. Big Bear Lake delivers fresh air, a slower pace of living, and natural beauty all around. In the summer, it is a mecca for water sports. However, in the winter, Big Bear transforms into a ski resort, one of the best skiing spots California offers. The location provides many activities alongside a selection of cozy and rustic cabins and tasty restaurants. All of the active weekenders are bound to love it.

To conclude

What are you waiting for? Pack your overnight bag, book the rooms and go on an adventure! Any of the places on our list of weekend getaways from Los Angeles will do the trick.

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