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Best views of L.A.

There is no shortage of gorgeous views in SoCal! Luxurious Hollywood Hills, breathtaking Downtown LA, sandy Malibu beach – Los Angeles captures all the different landscapes and brings diversity in the best way possible. If you're a hopeless romantic looking for that perfect spot to watch the sunset and make out with your significant other, here are the best views of the city to check out:

  1. Downtown LA's skyline at the Standard
    Head to the Rooftop at the Standard, and you'll get the LA experience you've been longing for. It's best to be visited at night, when you'll be able to capture the stunning view of city lights. Take a nighttime dip in the pool, or have a drink. Or both.
  2. The Santa Monica Pier from the top of the Ferris Wheel
    Santa Monica Pier is the most underrated area among to LA natives. Angelenos tend to avoid it because of its touristy vibe – 'too crowded', they say! We urge you to plan a trip to Santa Monica! No matter how many times you've been to the place - ocean view as you ride the Wheel over the pier is spectacular and never gets old.
  3. The Heart of Hollywood from Montalban Theatre
    The most romantic place for a date, Rooftop Cinema Club, also happens to bring you the best view of Hollywood. Take a stroll through Hollywood Walk of Fame as you head ot enjoy one of cinema's finest film collections. And whileyou settle in, you get enjoy the lights, movie billboards and the magic of Tinseltown from the turf-covered roof.
  4. View of the Valley from Balboa Park
    If you want a change from constant traffic and LA's city vibe, head over to Balboa Park and its lake, luscious grass and wildlife. Take in the view as you walk your dog around the lakeside path. Look over the expanse of the Valley and the surrounding homes of the hills for a unique LA experience.
  5. The Los Angeles landscape from Griffith Observatory
    LA view from Griffith Observatory is amazing during the day and even better at night! Take a hike up to the Observatory from the Griffith Park, if you’re planning your visit at daytime. You’ll get a gorgeous view of Hollywood Sign. Or drive up there at sunset and enjoy your experience, and then head in the Observatory to learn about the sun, the moon and the stars from the museum exhibits.

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