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Best Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to thousands of restaurants and offers a variety of different cuisines. Every day, depending on your mood, you can find the perfect restaurant with the food that you crave. From the upscale Mediterranean or Chinese restaurants to local food trucks, LA has everything. But nothing is quite as spectacular as the city's extensive sushi selection. If you're a fan of Japanese food, LA is the perfect place for you. There are entire neighborhoods dedicated to Japanese cuisine, like Little Tokyo in Downtown LA and Sawtelle Japantown on the Westside. However, with so many different restaurants available, sometimes it's difficult to choose where to eat. That's why we created this list of some of the best sushi restaurants in LA. Who knows, maybe your future favorite sushi restaurant is on this list!

Sushi Iki

This highly renowned (though a little difficult to get into) omakase institution includes a genius chef and plenty of expensive ingredients. Sushi Iki has long been considered the spot to ball out on sushi in the Valley. Just be prepared to pull out your credit card because dinners can easily exceed $200 per person. Most people call this sushi restaurant a 'once in a lifetime' experience.

Sushi Note

Sushi Note, one of the Valley's greatest new LA dinner spots, blends the artistry of chef Kiminobu Saito's exceptional omakase with a fantastic wine-matching menu. Together, those two make for a pretty unique experience. Add in a rather attractive midcentury contemporary setting, and you have a very decent, reasonably priced sushi experience. Moreover, the staff is widely praised as the service is excellent. It's no wonder this establishment is among the best sushi restaurants in LA, if not all restaurants in LA.


Phillip Frankland Lee chose an unusual path when he opened a high-end omakase counter called Sushi|Bar. Lee, a lifelong lover of sushi eateries in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, wanted to create his own style. Traditionalists would scoff at Lee's venture, yet fans continue to flock in droves. That's what makes his restaurant truly 'one of a kind' and an LA hotspot.


If you're looking for vegan sushi, Shojin is the restaurant for you. This popular vegan spot is located on the outskirts of Culver. All food in the restaurant is plant-based and gluten-free. Nevertheless, what makes this restaurant really stand out is its creativity. Usually, vegetarian options on a sushi menu are limited to cucumber and avocado. However, Shojin has many unique, flavorful, and beautifully plated options to choose from. This establishment offers indoor dining only, and, due to its popularity, it's best you make your reservations on time. If you enjoy Shojin, make sure to check out other must-try vegan spots in LA.

Q Sushi

Many people have described Q Sushi to taste like it's been airlifted from Tokyo. While the sushi itself isn't, quite a lot of the fish actually is. The only option is omakase, which is quite pricey (well over $100). However, there is a more affordable lunch special that includes 11 pieces for $75. The attention to detail is the most striking aspect of the establishment. Individual pieces of nigiri are brought over one by one, while wasabi is grated in front of you. To extract flavor from the fish, chefs use several processes like maturing (nekaseru), curing, and altering temperatures immediately before serving. Craft beers, wine, and exquisite sake are served alongside the food.


You probably wouldn't assume fine dining will be among the many dog-friendly activities available in LA. Well, you thought wrong. Another LA sushi bar on our list, and that is also dog-friendly, is Seabutter. This popular yet pricey restaurant also has vegan options. And, if you're planning a fancy dinner and want to bring your pup along, that's no problem! Your four-legged best friend will be able to enjoy the warm and friendly ambiance of this establishment along with you. Fresh fish, an inventive menu, and a pleasant setting combine to make this one of the best sushi restaurants in LA.

Sushi Zo

Sushi Zo is a high-end sushi restaurant with outlets in West Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Even though it's a mini-chain, it's firmly entrenched among LA's best sushi establishments. As in other popular sushi restaurants in LA, omakase is the sole option. For $185, you get 22 courses, including aged toro, applewood-smoked fish, and a whipped blue crab hand roll.


Although last on our list, many would argue Nobu is not just one of the best sushi restaurants in LA but the sole winner. The reason this restaurant is so popular is not just its patio and oceanside terrace. Despite it being a chain restaurant, the food there is genuinely excellent. They don't do omakase, so let your server order for you - you'll receive more than just sushi, but every bite will be delicious.

New to LA?

If you're moving to LA, you have a lot of exploring the city you can look forward to! However, you also have to stress about relocating and finding accommodation first. If you're planning on purchasing a home here, one of your options is long-distance home buying. That way, you can plan the purchase remotely and have your new house waiting for you. This is a great option, although it requires a lot of research and devotion.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles is an excellent place for all sushi lovers! The city is full of incredible sushi spots; it's tough to narrow down the list of all the best sushi restaurants in LA. Moreover, sushi is not the kind of food people can easily agree on whether it's good or not. It's not like tacos or pizza or other foods where people often like the same things. When it comes to sushi, people often have varying tastes, which can impact their restaurant choices. However, the best way to find your new favorite restaurants is to go out and try as much sushi from different places as you can! Good luck and Bon Appetit!

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

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