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Best Food Trucks in Beverly Hills

If you're, by some chance, not in the mood for fine LA dining this evening, get a hearty meal at one of the best food trucks in the area. If you close your eyes, it is quite possible you won't spot the difference. Some of these dining spots are run by world-class chefs using only top-quality ingredients. After all, what else to expect in LA but the best offer, be it high-class restaurants or the finest food trucks in Beverly Hills.

"Leo's Taco Truck Inc" - or simply Leo's
When it comes to street food in LA, you can expect burritos and tacos, and then more tacos. When it comes to street food in LA, you can expect burritos and tacos, and then more tacos. But the offer! Every food truck prepares its own delicious variety, and Leo's is not different in that regard. What does make Leo's Taco truck unique are their tacos al pastor, a kind of taco made with spit-grilled pork.
The cooking method was brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, from where it spread to the States with great success. As a fan of outdoor dining in LA, you shouldn't miss Leo's, nor their quesadillas and chorizos. And top it up with a cold horchata. Nothing that good should cost that little, and yet it does!

Kogi BBQ Taco Truck – an unexpected fusion
Once you try this Korean-Mexican fusion, you'll stalk Kogi BBQ Taco Truck as long as you stay in LA. What should you expect? Delicious tacos with chunks of short rib and kimchi (Korean side dish of salted and fermented Napa cabbage) and topped with a sauce you're unlikely to forget.
Whether you need to drive a bit to get to Kogi truck or you're lucky they've stopped close by, you will still need to wait to get your order. Don't let the long line fool you, though; at Kogi's, they work as quickly as people devour their tacos, and that is really fast. Next time you're around, glance at their website where they announce their route and head to their post. Then, you'll quickly discover why people say Kogi launched the gourmet food truck scene in LA.

"COOLHAUS" - Freezing good
Imagine your favorite ice cream and then elevate it a couple of notches. That's what you will receive at one of the best ice cream shops and non-taco trucks in Beverly Hills, according to LA locals and visitors. Homemade gourmet ice cream with delicious flavor combos awaits you at Coolhaus, a 100% women-owned business that has grown to a must-stop for a unique sweet & icy delicacy.
Their sandwiches are made with fresh, tasty cookies, although the ice cream in between is the real standout, as it only should be. The flavors are unusual and daring but not to the point of seeming like a science experiment. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and treat yourself, these are worth every calorie. And, yes, you can eat their potato wafer paper wrapping. It's the only tasteless edible thing at the eco-friendly Coolhaus.

"Mariscos Jalisco" - Adelante, taco lovers
Ceviche tostadas, hardshell shrimp tacos, or campechana, it is difficult to choose a favorite. So, try all three at Mariscos Jalisco, another one of the food trucks that simply can't disappoint. Not anywhere near Beverly Hills, sorry for that; it made the list because it is simply unavoidable. Their Tacos Dorado de Cameron, or Golden Shrimp Tacos, are getting to the top spot on their list of delicacies by popular choice.
Legendary for a reason, you should indulge yourself with the full taste of the sea wrapped in a crunchy fried tortilla at Mariscos Jalisco's. The only thing better than the food here is the unbelievably low bill that comes with it. If you're passing through the East LA, and even if you aren't, you should stop for a portion of your favorite fried goodness at MJ's.

"Ricky's Fish Tacos" - an LA staple
The special sauce that comes over the very special fish tacos makes Ricky's a must-visit food truck. Super-fresh tasty fish and crunchy jalapenos bursting with color make the basis of the famous tacos. Although reality seems to never catch up to the hype, at Ricky's Fish Tacos, it exceeds it. Whichever combo you choose for the day, top up their tacos with the sauces and prepare for the explosion of flavors.
If you plan to stay a bit longer in SoCal, in the hope of trying all Ricky's fish, shrimp, and mixed taco variants, consider shipping your car while you travel by plane to LA. It helps to transfer your vehicle to sunny California instead of driving it, although you won't need it to stalk the Ricky's Fish Tacos truck around. It is undoubtedly worth the chase, but truth be told, the truck is almost always at the same spot. You can easily locate their current post if you follow them on Twitter.

Daniel's Tacos - Quick bites worth the wait
Authentic Mexican street food makes Daniel's Tacos one of the places people try after a few recommendations but then return frequently. Word of mouth got Daniel's Tacos countless loyal customers. Their trademark? Hand-made tortillas. People's favorites? Grilled burritos. And rice and beans. As well as homemade chips, taco combo plate, chicken taquitos, and their guacamole.
It may be one in a sea of taco trucks, but it is still one of the unique restaurants in the area, serving outstanding food. Mexican food enthusiasts don't have to settle for subpar dishes ever again, as long as Daniel's is their must-have type of stop.

The food on wheels
If you're looking for the best diners in Los Angeles, you should look beyond the fancy and chic. The food trucks in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area may not look the part but people waiting in lines to get their wrapped sustenance know better. The grub on wheels in LA has been pleasing even the most delicate tastebuds for years, quite affordably, by the way. While some food trucks turn to brick-and-mortar restaurants and vice versa, the business model is here to stay. Although not always in the same parking spot.

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

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