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7 Dog-Friendly Activities in Los Angeles

You may not know this, but Los Angeles is actually one of the best cities in the entire United States for pet owners. Because of its warm and sunny climate and proximity to outdoor activities, there are plenty of dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles. From hiking, shopping, off-leash parks, and pet-friendly dining, you won't run out of things to do with your four-legged friend. So, whether you're visiting or moving here, here's a list of 7 dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles that make for the perfect day out with your dog.

Splash Around Rosie's Dog Beach

In hot LA, a day at the beach is possible any day of the year. Although dogs are not permitted on most beaches, there are some exceptions. While Leo Carrillo State Beach allows dogs on leashes as long as they stay away from crowded areas, Rosie's Dog Beach allows even completely unleashed dogs. It's a perfect spot to spend a day in the sun with your furry best friend. Three acres of salt and sand await your dog at this doggie waterfront. While this location is not in the heart of Los Angeles, the welcoming environment and companionship between humans and dogs are worth the drive. Let your dog have fun splashing around, chasing tennis balls, and making new friends.

Go Shopping in Beverly Hills

If you and your pup love shopping, the next thing on our list of dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles might be perfect for you. There are plenty of fun things to do in Beverly Hills. However, is there a better way to spend the day than by shopping? All dogs, no matter the size, are welcome to walk around and window shop the famous Beverly Hills street, Rodeo Drive. However, just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is Beverly Drive. This shopping center hosts many dog-friendly stores that allow well-behaved leashed dogs inside as well.

Take A Stroll Around The Hollywood Walk of Fame

One very touristy thing you can do with your dog is to stroll around the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Surprisingly, some of the guided tours are also pet-friendly but require dogs to be leashed. Once you're there, you will actually be able to see the Hollywood stars and paw prints of famous dog actors as well. For example, you can find Lassie's paw prints on Hollywood Boulevard between Cahuenga and Ivar.

Eat Out

While there are other upscale restaurants and bars in LA that are pet-friendly, sometimes it's tough to find a reservation. A great thing about this city is that there are food trucks at almost every corner, and they are by definition dog-friendly. Some of these food trucks are run by world-class chefs who only use high-quality ingredients. After all, what else can you expect in Los Angeles but the best, whether it's high-end restaurants or the best food trucks in Beverly Hills?

Go Hiking

Hiking is probably on the top of the list of all dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles. One of the main reasons for this is that there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to hiking. It's also very popular with both tourists and locals because it makes for a great, effective workout while providing a panoramic view of the city. Most parks in Los Angeles city and county, as well as national forests and recreation areas, are dog-friendly. If you're going with your dog, Vasquez Rocks is the ideal location to observe and climb unusual rock formations without having to endure a strenuous trek. Other great hiking locations are Cherry Canyon Park, Runyon Canyon Park, Zuma Canyon Ocean View, and many more.

Go To A Dog Park

If you're not in the mood to go hiking, but you still want to see the Hollywood sign, there's another solution you and your four-legged friend might enjoy. The next best place to see the sign is at Lake Hollywood Park. It's a lovely pet-friendly park with a large open grassy area for a picnic overlooking the Hollywood sign. Other than this one, there are countless more dog parks in LA like Sepulveda Basin dog park, Hahamongna Watershed Park, and Fletcher "Fetch" Dog Park. Make sure to check beforehand because not all these parks allow dogs to be let off the leash.

Visit the Travel Town Museum

While in LA, you may not be able to visit any art museums, but you can visit the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park. This outdoor museum is dog-friendly, and it preserves and celebrates the railroad heritage of the western United States. In the museum, they welcome all the leashed dogs to explore the museum with their owners. They also have a working miniature train on which well-behaved dogs are allowed to ride.

Moving To LA With Your Dog

If you fall in love with LA and decide to move here with your dog, you will certainly not be making the wrong choice. However, not every pet will react to the relocation in the same way. Moving can be very stressful to pets as well, and the stress might be reflected in their behavior. Some dogs might remain playful and inquisitive even after moving, while others can become shy and hide. It's important that you give your dog time to adapt to the new home but also keep a close eye on them. Closely monitor their behavior to make sure your pet reacts well to the change. To help your dog adapt more quickly to your new LA home, give them lots of love and attention after the move.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles is a pet's paradise. There are hundreds of dog-friendly places where puppies are not only allowed; they're encouraged. With so many fun dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles, there is no doubt that both you and your pet will enjoy it. Whatever you decide to do, it's bound to be a fun and memorable experience. To be honest, the destination doesn't really matter, at least not to your dog. They are probably just happy to be spending time with their favorite human.

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson


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